The ability to have clean, dry clothes whenever you need them is the cornerstone of modern life. If you’ve ever lived in a house or apartment without a washer or dryer, or if your appliances break down, you know how inconvenient it is to live without them. When your washer or dryer stops working, you can turn to Washing Machine Repairing KS for the best in clothes dryer maintenance services that will get the job done quickly and effectively.

Washer Dryer Maintenance:

When it comes to washer and dryer repair services, it is interesting to note that the severity of the problem does not necessarily correlate to the cost of the repair. When your dryer stops working, you need to maintain and clean it regularly. Follow these tips from the best clothes dryer maintenance provider to keep your dryer running safely and for an extended period of time:

Dryer Maintenance and Cleaning:

Clean and maintain your clothes dryer regularly to keep it running efficiently and safely. As your laundry dries, lint accumulates in the dryer’s filter and vents, making the dryer less effective and increasing the risk of fire. It may seem difficult, but anyone can learn how to clean their clothes dryer vents to keep their home safe.

The basic maintenance steps to follow: –

Clean the filter every time you use the dryer:

Clean the lint filter every time you use the dryer. There are many mysterious things that stick to the screen or filter every time you dry your clothes, remove them and then throw them in the trash. When lint accumulates, the dryer is less efficient, takes longer to dry clothes, uses more electricity, increases your utility bill, and is also dangerous and can more easily start a fire.

Wash the filter every three months:

Although you clean the filter screen every time your dry laundry, sometimes a more thorough cleaning is needed. You can put the filter in the top shelf of the dishwasher or wash it in the sink with a little soap or detergent, after letting it air dry on a towel before putting it back in the dryer.

Clean the inside and outside of the dryer:

About once a month, clean the dryer inside and out with a damp cloth. You can use a chemical cleaner in a spray bottle or make your own cleaning solution by mixing half a cup of warm water with half a cup of vinegar, spraying it on the outside of the dryer, and then wiping it down with a rag. Clean the lid as well.

If items are stuck inside the dryer, scrape them off with a rubber spatula and wipe them down with the cleaning solution. Do not use sharp objects as they will scratch the surface.

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